Brick Slips Information

What are brick slips? Are they right for my project?

Why use our brick slips versus ‘traditional’ brick?

Our slips are BBA (British Board of Agrément) certified and tested to European standards, being fully compliant to the relevant ETAG’s (European Technical Approval Guidelines) for hygrothermal conditioning, freeze thaw conditioning, water absorption, bond strength and resistance to impact.
Traditional brick normally requires a cavity, meaning the external build up is much wider than a brick slip system. Space can be a valuable commodity!
Brick slips in general are quicker and easier to install. Less labour, less time and less cost. Your project overheads are reduced, the building is completed faster, and you save money! Now, even more savings are available, with 12 bricks connected with an internal fibreglass mesh.

Modern technologies are complemented by our enhanced brick slip product range.

Why our brick slips are better.

The original ‘traditional’ clay brick has been around for thousands of years, and in that time, has hardly ever been improved upon.

We think it’s time to change that…

Endless quantity

We manufacture in Wales, not relying on brick stocks

We produce our bricks in-house using high quality, composite mortar. We do not source brick from elsewhere, are not reliant on availability, and are very competitive with product turnaround.

Endless variety

Truly bespoke options available

If you can imagine it, we can try and make it! The handmade nature of our product means we can adapt to suit most styles of brick including those less common, impossible to find, or yet to be created! We offer a brick matching service or can create a bespoke contemporary design.

Ecologically better

No waste left over from slicing brick

Our brick slips are massively less water absorbent than clay slips, meaning the building will shed water and remain dry.

Are brick slips right for my project?

If you are extending a property, building a new home, building a commercial development or simply renewing an interior, and want a brick finish, then brick slips are the sensible modern-day solution.

Product dimensions:

BrickPlus: Pro
(12 brick slips on a panel, box of 5 panels)
Please note: 5 panels cover one square metre.

Each panel: Height: 440mm, Width: 553mm, Depth: 13mm

Total box weight:
19kg per box of 5 panels

BrickPlus: SoloSlips
(individual brick slips, box of 30)
Please note: you will need 60 SoloSlips to cover one square metre.

Each brick slip: Height: 65mm, Width: 215mm, Depth: 13mm

Total box weight:
8.4kg per box of 30 slips

SoloSlip Corner
(individual corner, box of 20)
Please note: 1 box of 20 covers approximately 1.5 linear meters

Each corner: Height: 65mm, Width: 215mm, Depth: 13mm, Corner Depth: 102.5mm

Corner weight:
6.8kg per box of 20 corners

SoloSlip Sample
(individual brick slip)

Each brick slip: Height: 65mm, Width: 215mm, Depth: 13mm (metric version)

Sample weight:

At a glance comparison:

BuyBrickSlips brick slips

Traditional brick

Each brick slip: Height: 65mm, Width: 215mm, Depth: 13mm Weight: 0.28kg

Made from high quality, composite mortar – not inferior concrete

Our 13mm slips (0.28kg) are less than 50% the weight of a traditional 20mm clay brick slip (0.6kg)

Easier to work with, handle, apply, with higher strength per gram than traditional clay brick

Better value when shipped – not as heavy, thinner, more per pallet

Suited to most applications

Very low porosity – 90% less absorption than clay brick

Superior resistance to frost

Multiple colours, textures and finishes available

Can be matched to existing brickwork using our bespoke design service

Bricks that don’t exist anymore, or are not manufactured anymore, can be matched – extending the life of your project

Suitable for internal and external usage

No wastage – not kiln fired, less environmental impact

No traditional bricks are harmed in the making of our products!

Considerably heavier

Expensive to ship

Not suited to all applications

Porous – retain water

Prone to frost cracking

Fixed colours and finishes

Can go out of production

Limited choice

Old technology

A lot of wastage produced – once slips are cut, more than 80% of the brick left over is waste!

The future of brick slips

High quality, composite ‘new technology’ mortar brick slips

Multiple colours, textures & finishes available

We’re not reliant on existing brick stocks

Handmade in the UK

Fast, UK-wide distribution

Easy to handle and use

Quick and simple to install

External & internal usage

Used across a variety of applications

Free samples available

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