Bespoke Brick Slips

… including sparkles

Don’t follow the crowd! We never do…

Because we manufacture all our brick slips, we aren’t restricted to existing brick finishes. As a result, we can offer you something truly bespoke. If you can imagine it, we will try and make it for you! Think about colour, texture and finish – all key components in the creation of something new.

Unlock your creativity

Are you an interior designer with a brief that requires you to come up with something truly beautiful?

If you can imagine it, we can try and make it!

Colours, sparkles… Let your creativity run wild!

Brick matching service

Need to match the existing brick for your project, but can’t find any stock?

Contact us about our unique brick matching service, or click here to start the process.

Usual brick slips, unusual colours

Ever thought that your company’s reception wall needs your corporate colours to make it stand out?

We can provide you with brick slips in almost any colour you want!

Call us to get your bespoke order under way!

Everybody wants something different – it’s the nature of creating a bespoke product for you.
Call us on 01745 535 855 to start the process, or use our contact form by clicking here.

Here’s how it works:

Your imagination kicks in, and you come up with a concept

You contact us with your idea

We liaise with you during our manufacturing phase

You approve your samples

We go into production and deliver your bespoke brick slips when manufacturing is complete

Recent examples

Add some colour to your walls

We try to make whatever you can imagine. To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a pallet of colours that we use to develop your finished products.

Latest colours added: