At BuyBrickSlips.com, we manufacture building materials that exceed expectation. As part of our ongoing commitment to leading edge innovation, we are really excited to offer you our latest range of brick slip products.

Why our brick slips are better.

The original ‘traditional’ clay brick has been around for thousands of years, and in that time, has hardly ever been improved upon.


We think it’s time to change that…

The future of brick slips

High quality, composite ‘new technology’ mortar brick slips

Multiple colours, textures & finishes available

We’re not reliant on existing brick stocks

Handmade in the UK

Fast, UK-wide distribution

Easy to handle and use

Quick and simple to install

External & internal usage

Used across a variety of applications

Free samples available

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BrickPlus: SoloSlips

BrickPlus: SoloSlips

Our enhanced brick slips provide many benefits – see the table below. They move a traditional product into the 21st century, benefiting all users. Sold in boxes of 30 that equate to half a square metre.
Free Sample

Free samples

Fancy a BrickPlus: Pro mini-panel sample, to see the finished result? We’ll send one out – you just cover the postage cost. Order as many as you like – it’s good to have options! Samples can be added to your shopping basket.
SoloSlip Corners

SoloSlip Corners

All our designs can be made in a corner style, so whatever you require, we can make it for you. They are applied individually, so no mesh is embedded. Sold in boxes of 20, to complement your projects.

Brick matching service

Need to copy a brick colour, texture, pattern or finish? We offer a tailor-made brick matching service. We can even try and match bricks that are no longer available. Read more about it here.

Internal and external usage

Worried about installing our products externally or internally? All our products are tested for suitability for both types of application amongst many other criteria.

BBA Accreditations

Our brick slips have successfully completed a full BBA technical assessment. We take safety very seriously, and are proud of our full safety accreditations.